By Olivia Murithi Just because you need a man in your life does not mean any man can do. There are some men that you must give a wide berth for your own peace of mind. These are men who have queer characteristics that will only cause you problems for the short time you are together and it will be short believe me. If a man portrays the following signs sister, better run for your life. Is in bed at 11 am A man who is in any other bed other than a hospital bed at 11 is lazy and … Continue reading MEN TO AVOID


Of late I have come to discover a very rich and refreshing source of healthy peals of laughter. It is none other than people’s Whatsapp status’ and profile pictures. These messages are surprisingly creative and so in touch with reality. You would be forgiven for assuming that some people are insane due to the manner of things people post. Gone are the days when facebook cyber crimes were the in-thing. Now the circus has been shipped off to Whatsapp for lack of a better term. What is more astonishing however is the fact that the old school generation has also … Continue reading HOW OLD IS TOO OLD FOR SOCIAL MEDIA?

Embracing Change in Life

Someone once said that life is a bitch and today I stand in agreement with the fellow. Life comes in diverse forms and if you are not careful things happen so fast you are left wondering if they really did happen on your watch or not. If I have not learnt a single thing from the man who sired me, I have learnt that nothing no matter how appealing or disheartening lasts forever. Change happens everywhere, anytime and to anyone. Change is the one factor that does not know influence or affluence. Like death it is a close ally, it … Continue reading Embracing Change in Life

You are What You Wear

What are you wearing this new year? Many times we fail not because we are not accomplished enough but because we do not look the part we are trying to fill. I have heard it said that clothes maketh man or woman in any case. This means that your clothes are a direct representation of your personality and idealisms. One time i wore a purple frilly dress to an interview with the CEO of a local but very successful bank. I thought i looked ok because the dress did not expose any body parts that were not supposed to be … Continue reading You are What You Wear